Thursday, September 30, 2010

So glad it is almost Friday!!

Today was such a long day at work.  We are alittle slow and time just drags by. I would rather be to busy to think straight then be bored out of what little mind I have left. Hopefully everything goes good tomorrow and the weekend will finally be here.  I wanted to post a couple of projects. I finished my sons afghan. It ended up being just big enough to go across my queen size bed.
My other big project is a Christmas granny square afghan. I am doing it in I love this Yarn: sparkle.  Here are a couple pics:

I posted the link where I got the pattern from.  I have all the red squares done. I am just putting the border around them and then I have the green and white to do.

I almost forgot... I started reading the Dexter Series. I love the show so much I had to see how close they are.  So far not disappointed.  True Blood on the other hand is so way off base but I like it too.  Can't wait to see what next season holds.

I hope that you all have a great weekend.  I'll check in with you soon



  1. I love your Christmas sampler! The squares are so fun! I am definitely checking out the pattern!

  2. Thanks... I thought they were fun. I am working on the green ones now... but I got side tracked with something else... whats new =]