Monday, November 15, 2010

Finished a scarf for Christmas

Well I finished one of two scarves for my cousins daughters.  I showed their mom the pattern and she thought that they would love them one in pink and light purple.  I got the pattern here:

Here is the pictures of this one.

I used DC instead of single to get it done alittle faster and I messed up in the nose alittle but I think that it turned out cute.

I am putting this one in in the bag next to it with a color book and crayons.

Work is alittle crazy this week.  They are doing a big project out on the floor and we have inventory on Friday.  Inventory is my major concern right now because it is what I take care of but we are looking good to be set and ready to get counted Thursday night and get it all scanned in on Friday.  Hopefully we will be out of there by noon and I will have a little extra time to get the pink scarf done too.

Well I best be going for now but I will check back in soon.  Have a great week and can't wait to see what you all have made.

=] =] =] =] =] =]



  1. Okay, I give . . it's cute, but what is it? And don't say a scarf . . LOLOL

    I love the eyes and the way the tongue hangs out.

    \0/ paula

  2. It's really cute - looks like a dragon head to me, is it? or a snake? Whatever it is, I like it and I bet the children will too. Nice job.

    I remember inventory time when I worked in the Pharmacy - major hassle...but it had to be done!

    Good luck and have a great week too :-)

  3. The link that I put up shows what it should really look like but it is from Invader Zim on Nickelodeon. I think that it is a robot or something that turns into a green I don't know. never watched it I just thought it was cute =]