Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wow... time got away from me...

I can't believe it is Wed all ready.  We have had so much basketball stuff going on that I haven't had time to post much, but I do hop on in the morning before work and read all that is going on with everyone.  I will tell you one thing. I am so glad that the elections are over.  People get really crappy and the ads just drive me nuts.  NONE of them tell the real story. Only the parts that make them look good and the other person look like a real ass.  Now we can go back to stupid, sometimes funny,  commercials selling us crap that we either don't need or aren't good for us and get on with things.

As for crocheting...  I have been working on my Christmas afghan. I have all the read squares done, all the green made, but still need the border on them and started on the white.  I thought about stopping with the just the red and green but when I laid it out it wasn't big enough yet. Here are a couple pics so far:

I really wished they sparkled well in photos.  Thats about all that I have been up to . I hope that you are all having a great start to holiday season.  Seems funny to say that already.


Oh.... if you are wondering why there are pizza boxes on the puzzle... I have been wanting to work a puzzle for a while now but I have 3 cats and they like to play with the pieces so i cleaned out 2 pizza boxes.. lined them with paper and put all my pieces in them that why I don't have to keep sorting them out and I just have to close the lid.  So far it has worked... we will see...   lol.


  1. The afghan looks like it will be a stunner. I can see the sparkle just fine.

  2. I can tell there is something in the squares . . like letters or an internal design . . (do I make sense?) . . .on the red and green squares. What is it . . it's driving me nuts . . and the drive is a short one.

    Ditto on the election commercials. I think I shall start voting for the candidates with the fewest number of negative ads . . . AND . . . the fewest number of automated phone calls. I hate them worse than the ads.

    Oh, where did you get the adorable background? I REALLY LIKE IT!

    \0/ paUla

  3. Hey Paula... there are hearts, trees, bells, and candy canes. I got the free pattern off of Smoothfox's blog here

    As for the background I don't remember...It was just something I had on the computer for some reason or another.