Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finished a couple bags

Here are a couple finished bags. They were quick and easy to make. Making gifts this year has really been enjoyable.

The Purple one was 2 different variegated yarns... one that was pinks and one that was purple blue and green. I got them on clearance at Hobby Lobby to use for babydoll clothes but I put them together to see how they would look.  I think they turned out quite colorful.

Thanks for looking.  I hope that you all have a great week and I will see what I can make to put inside the Christmas one.

Hugs to all!!


UPDATE  -  10-20-10


I got the pattern from the link above. It uses 4 small squares sewed together but I didn't want to go that route so I just kept going with one big square until it was the size I was looking for. Mine measures 11.5 in wide and almost 17.5 inches long with the handles. I made the handles from this pattern also. They have 9 rows. Hope this helps. Teri


  1. You need to add the dimensions of the bag and the bag with handles . . . and how many rounds did you do . . .they are very cute and look easy to do . . which is great for a Christmas present.

    \0/ paula

  2. Nice job. I think they are lovely, especially the red, white and green - I'm such a Christmas lover! Everythone knows that my gifts are always crocheted! Thanks for visiting me. I am your newest follower too :-)

    Happy weekend,

  3. Thanks Doris.. I just started crocheting in the last year. My mom and grandma taught me when I was younger but never did much with it but really enjoying it now.