Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Windy here in Indiana

It is crazy windy out there today.  We had a tornado warning out while I was a work and we had to spend 20 minutes in a hallway. That was fun...lol.  I think it went south of us though. The power didn't even go out.

On the crocheting front I haven't gotten much done this weekend. I had a killer migraine that last all of Sunday and yesterday. I didn't even go to work. I slept all day and then couldn't sleep last night.  I am almost done with bag number 3. I just have to get the handles sewn on. Then i need to get busy on my Christmas granny square blanket.  I haven't done any squares in a month probably. I told my daughter she had to wait on her afghan until I got that one done.  She has reminded me a few times that it isn't ever going to get done in my drawer...LOL.  She could be right.  =]

I also joined a group to start training for the Turkey Trot 5K.  I don't run very well but they say it is for beginners. I missed the practice on Sat. and tonight my son has a basketball game so maybe Thursday if everything works out.

I think that is about all that has been going on here.

Talk to you all soon



  1. We had the tornado warnings here in OH as well. Spent about an hour in the basement. Wishing you all the best in your training for the 5K! :-)

  2. Thanks Heather.... It is going to be a challenge. How is your time on the treadmill coming along?